Sports Clip On Armband

Wear it two ways Clip on breathable arm band for when you are running, walking, cycling and more... 

You can wear it on your upper arm, where the arm circumference recommended is between 26-40cm or you can wear it on your wrist where the recommended circumference is that of 14-26cm. 

Extremely easy to install, simply put the silicone part over your phone to snuggly hold it, then attach your arm band either at your upper arm or wrist, tighten to the desired and comfortable feeling. You will then clip your phone into the holder, the way to remove is by turning counter clockwise, this helps to prevent any accidental dropping of your phone while on the go. 

The phone while in the holder can rotate 360 degrees, it weighs close to nothing and is awesome in any colour! (black, blue, orange or green)