30W USB-PD QC3.0 Charger

Mcdodo's 30W USB-C Power Delivery (PD) chargers provide a sleek and portable fast-charging option for next-generation electronic devices. As the best USB technology on the market today, the Power Delivery protocol will allow your USB-C charger to achieve an unbelievably fast charge, one that will make using a conventional USB-C cable wall charger seem incredibly slow.

If you are in need of a USB-C charger, get the best USB-C technology on the market with a PD charger from Mcdodo!

What's the difference between a USB-C and a USB-PD charger?

The confusion between these two technologies stems from a misunderstanding about USB wall charger technology. A USB-C power adapter serves to connect a charging cable with the reversible USB-C port. USB-PD is a technology for fast-charge power delivery of up to 100W. PD technology covers all the elements of a USB-C cable charger system, including devices, hubs, chargers and cables.

From USB-C Charging to PD Chargers

This next step in USB-C power delivery technology is a huge leap forward in the total power capacity, and charging speeds, that a charging device can provide. Resulting as a natural extension of existing charging standards, USB-C PD chargers were created to keep up with the increasing energy demands of the latest consumer electronics, like smartphones, tablets and laptop computers.

Using USB-C PD cables and connectors alone can support charging of up to 5 volts at 3 amps for a maximum charging power of 15 watts. The breakthrough achieved by PD chargers supports power supply outputs of 20 volts at 5 amps, for up to 100 watts of power.

The intent is to permit uniformly charging laptops, tablets, USB-powered disks and similarly higher-power consumer electronics, as a natural extension of existing European and Chinese mobile telephone power delivery charging standards.

Design Features

The refined design of Mcdodo's 30W dual Power Delivery (PD) USB-C Charger provides the following features:

  • PC fireproof housing with high-gloss finish - sharp edges and smooth lines
  • Rotary folding design minimizes required storage space, convenient for travel
  • High Power - 30W
  • Super Charge - 5A
  • Dual Output - 2 USB-C ports

Fast Charging Times

Power Deliver technology delivers the fastest USB charging times for the latest devices on the market. Using Mcdodo's 30W dual USB type-C PD Wall Charger with USB Type-C cables will let you fully charge:

  • A Xaomi 9 in about 67 minutes
  • A Huawei P30 in about one hour
  • A Samsung Note 10 in about one hour
  • A Xaomi 8 in about 90 minutes
  • A MacBook Air in about 2.5 hours

Multiple Layers of Protection

Mcdodo's USB-C PD wall chargers provide robust protection for your devices. They will prevent your smartphone, tablet or laptop from overheating, overcharging or short circuiting because they stop your wall charger from excessive current, voltage or power surges, as well as preventing shocks from excessive static.

Our Newest Fold in plug making it easier to store or carry around in your backpack without damaging anything. 30W of output Power along with a USB and Type C ports