Four Wheel Boost Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Controller

This New Powered Skateboard is the perfect way to get you around! 

This Single Hub motored skateboard is 0.5Feet Wide by 2.3Feet Long; with a maximum speed of 30KM/H. The hub Motor for performance and Portability along with a high elasticity PU Wheels, wear resistant and high impact resistance along with an ultra quiet ride. 

The Skateboard is Crush Resistant with 9 layers of imported Canada Maple Board. 

With the super easy to use portable handle making it easy to bring along anywhere! 

The Motor consists of  three different options; 150W, 300W and 600W;  High Capacity 24V 2.2AH Power Lithium Battery. 

The high strength aluminum alloy bracket prevents oxidation, making it corrosion resistant and waterproof.