Baseus QI Wireless Car Charger

Our Newest Model is finally Here! 
This Baseus Wireless Charging Car charger is the upgraded version and We cannot express how awesome it truly is! 

Compatible with all Wireless Charging Phones ( Please make sure your phone is wireless charging); has a 10W high power fast charge source meaning that it will start fast charging right away and cut down your charge time from other regular chargers. 

The infrared sensing automatically clamps down but don't damage your phone while being held properly, making it very simple and easy to use your phone at any given time; we do not recommend playing on your phone while driving but if you are using Maps or Waze this is the connector you want. 

it is made of aircraft grade aluminum; along with the 360 degree rotating arm that makes it that you can have your phone vertical or horizontal. 

The best part is the retractable arm that you can pull your phone closer or further away super easily. 

Use the wireless charger in 3 different methods; Air oulet Base (ventilation), tank suction base for dash board or windshield and the regular car charger.