Baseus 30 000mAh Powerbank

This super popular Baseus Powerbank is just the one you've always wanted;

You can charge up to 5 items at the same time without affecting the charging speed of any item, 4 USB plus 1 Type c Outputs. 

the surface is is made to have a delicate feel, while being anti-skid, anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint as well as being made smaller than most other 30 000mAh powerbanks.

Has approximately 10 hours of power, meaning it has a much larger capacity for charging and can last longer than most other powerbanks; it can charge an IPhone 8 up to 12 times before needing a charge and an IPhone XR and higher up to 7 times. 

It is equipped with an LED Digital display screen that will allow you to always know how much battery life is left in your powerbank.