3 in 1 Fast Charging Powerbank & Plug

Our Newest Power supply bank is here; what is the best combination? One that is a wired or wireless powerbank that doubles as a wall plug. 

This Li-polymer Battery supports quick charging, has a digital display to allow you to know how much battery is left in the powerbank. 
Has three outputs, two USB's and one USB C. With a battery capacity of 10000 mAh, the connectors can be chosen as three different connector types, US, EU UK and AU ( you can choose all the plug types or simply one you need, extremely easy to interchange, simple slide on and off theory) 

Can be used to charge most devices, such as tablets, smartphones... 

Use it plugged into the wall with the three plugs connected through your powerbank or simply place your phone on top for it to wirelessly charge while having three plugged in.