Cup Holder Wireless Charger


Charging your phone in the car can be a hassle. As you drive, it can become unplugged and fall on the floor. Some people try to drive while holding their phone, which only leads to disaster one way or another. 

That’s why more drivers should embrace wireless charging and use a charger that fits into their cup holder. Your phone stays safely in place and is quickly charged, so you have access to your music or can make a phone call in an emergency.  

This wireless car charger is sleek in appearance to look like an actual cup. The experts at Mcdodo are always creating gadgets that are cutting edge in function and design.  

Why Use a Car Charger in the Shape of a Cup Holder?

How often do drivers use their car cup holders? Usually when they have a drink with them, whether it’s a water bottle when they’re on-the-go or with friends and getting a quick bite. Aside from that, the cup holder isn’t used, and cars often have several cup holders for all passengers, so that is a lot of space not reaching its potential. With this charger, Mcdodo puts car cup holders to work for you!

This type of charger offers many benefits for the busy driver:

  • Fast and steady charging. Much like toasting a piece of bread, you just pop your phone into the charger and it switches to the best charging method for your device with its smart detection—10W is the highest wireless charge it provides. 
  • Worry-Free charging. When compared to wired charging, wireless is slower, but Mcdodo takes pride in the wireless technology that’s infused in our devices. Our products are designed to have your device charged at 50% within one hour.
  • Cooling design. You don’t need to worry about your phone or charger overheating because the cup holder car charger is designed for effective air circulation. With the temperature remaining low, the charging rate stays at peak performance.  
  • Versatile design. While this charger fits most car cup holder sizes, it comes with a base for smaller holders to make sure everyone can use this smart and sophisticated product.
  • Good visibility. This useful wireless charger has two light indicators on the top for optimal visibility: one light shows when the power is on and the other indicates that the wireless charging is in progress. This feature is especially handy for night-time driving. 
  • Multi-charge options. If you have more than one device that needs charging, this wireless charger has a USB and a USB Type-C output, so you can charge other devices while your phone is occupying the charger’s slot. With these extra output options, the wireless charger also allows one or two of your passengers to plug in their devices. 
  • Complete package. When you order this wireless charger, you get the charger and its base, a manual, and a car power cord. The charger has an input port for the cord, allowing you to easily charge up the charger from your car battery.

If you don’t have time to wait around for your mobile phone to charge, consider this smart Mcdodo product!

Cup Holder Wireless Charging for Your Needs

Who should you go to for devices that have superior performance? Who has devices that fit into your busy schedule? 

Mcdodo, that’s who! 

Our experts make high-end phone accessories for today’s consumer. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or a director at your company, we help you save time by providing durable, long-lasting products that are there for you when you need them. 

Order your cup holder charger today before they’re gone!

This Plastic Made Wireless Charger sits in your cup holder! Has a 10W capacity making it a quicker charge, your phone simply sits inside the cup and charges away, it also reduces the likeliness of you HOLDING YOUR PHONE while Driving, which can be dangerous!