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Your cell phone is your lifeline. It connects you to your friends, family and work, which is why running out of battery power can be so stressful. If you find yourself constantly looking for an outlet to charge your cell phone and other wireless devices then you need a portable battery charger.

For cell phones, tablets or any other electronic gadget, a portable power source is like a new lease on life. With a power bank in tow, you can use your electronic devices to your heart's content without ever having to worry about finding somewhere to plug them in. Perfect for students and professionals alike, a portable charging solution is a true game changer. Backup phone chargers will set you free from constraints and allow you to work wherever you want, for as long as you want.

We carry sleek and powerful power banks so you can find the perfect product to meet your on-the-go charging needs.  Whether you are looking for a power bank to have as an emergency backup or if power banks are essential to your remote work situation, we carry a battery bank with the specifications you are looking for. 

Power Bank Features

When it comes to wireless electronic devices, there is no shortage of options on the market. Each device has its own inputs and outputs, which can make buying a versatile device quite challenging. Fortunately, we carry a full range of portable USB charger products so you can find all the right features for your device(s).

Integrated flashlights are quickly becoming a standard feature, which you can find on several models that we carry. This feature can be a true life-saver during power outages or in any remote location at night. Many power bank models have dual USB outputs so you can charge up to two devices at once.

Whether you need something with the latest USB-C technology or a lightning port  to take advantage of your device's fast-charging capabilities, we have portable chargers to accommodate all of those options.  We also carry wireless portable chargers for smart watches so you can keep all your peripherals fully charged while enjoying the convenience of wireless charging, no matter where you are.

Size and Capacity

Our product line includes portable chargers with several different charger batteries.charger battery

Any power bank is only as strong as the charger battery it contains, which is why we carry models with capacities up to 99,000 mAh, so you can charge even the most power-hungry devices multiple times throughout the day without having to worry.  A portable charger with a smaller capacity, like a base model with 10,000 mAh, still provides enough power to give your phone at least three full charges.

With a full range of iPhone and Android chargers, wireless charging solutions, accessories, in addition to a full range of portable charger options, this is your one-stop shop for all you charging solutions. So whether you are a power user that wants to livestream on location for hours or you barely use your phone and just want the security and peace of mind provided by a portable charger in case of emergency, Mcdodo Worldwide has the right product for your needs.