McDodo Auto Disconnect Fast Charging Cable

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This newly developed cable is made with an intelligent chip which makes charging safe; with a built-in dual protection chip, controlled fast charging has never been better! The cable STOPS charging once the internal battery is full; what does this mean for you?

No overheating and no abusing the battery life time by constantly overcharging the device. 

This cable also has an amazing NEW feature of recharging your phone every 2 hours; meaning that once it auto-disconnects the first time (when your internal battery is at 100%) then every 2 hours until you unplug it, the cable will reconnect to make sure your battery levels stay at 100%. 

With the 3A current and its 188 copper core cable, this power cable needs only about an hour for a full charge, versus the regular cables that take 45 minutes per 50%. 

Another great feature is NO overheating while you use your phone plugged in; the zinc alloy keeps the phone temperature at 25 degrees celsius (approx) while common metal material while being used can heat up to 75 degrees celsius (approx).

With it's Thick Gold-Plated connector the cable can withstand up to 15 000 Plugs and Unplugs along with over 30 000 bends (tested in manufacturing phase).

***FULLY Compatible with ALL IOS system devices! 


Vendor Mcdodo Worldwide
Color Black Lightning, green Lightning, Red Lightning
Length 1.2m