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Exercise Technology

The latest in fitness technology has introduced new ways for people to stay connected while pursuing their fitness goals. Thanks to a proliferation of new devices and fitness gadgets on the market, there are more options available than ever before to leverage all the benefits of communication and monitoring technology when you exercise.

People can now easily track metrics and collect data like their heart rate or running route in real time with these new fitness technologies. The health benefits provided by these new devices, and all the data they can collect, are just now being discovered and could prove to be truly transformational for the fitness industry. 

Get in on this new fitness technology boom with some of the leading high-tech gym equipment and accessories in the industry from Mcdodo.

Stay Connected During Your Workout

Cyclists, runners, hikers and walkers now have a number of ways to bring their smart phone along with them when they work out without it getting in the way. Even if your fitness routine doesn't take you out of the house or gym, wireless accessories can keep you connected when you're lifting weights or deepening your yoga practice.

Mcdodo carries a number of products that find ways to integrate an essential piece of technology - your smartphone - into your preferred fitness pursuit. 

Accessories for Running, Hiking or Walking

If you like seeing how far your feet can take you for your workout, one of our water-proof waist zipper pouches or armband sport clip phone holders provide the utmost in convenience because they keep your phone nearby without it ever getting in the way.

For competitive athletes, or anyone who wants to track their fitness progress, sports tracking watches bring together lots of important technology for fitness. Making sure that your health improvements are on track has never been easier thanks to the portability of technology in fitness applications. 

These tracking watches do far more than simply tell the time; thanks to an integrated heart rate monitor, you can easily keep your workout in the right intensity range for your fitness goals. And you can monitor your progress because they also include tracking functions for the number of steps you take and your total exercise time. On top of all that, you can also log your sleep data, so you can monitor your rest and recovery, which is a critical but often overlooked, aspect of exercise science.

Cycling Accessories

Cycling has seen a new growth in popularity in recent years because it can provide a great workout as well as an environmentally friendly method of transportation. For people who cycle on a regular basis, either for exercise or transportation, Mcdodo has products to help you stay connected on your ride.

In case of inclement weather, a water-proof phone holder pouch will keep your phone protected, so you can carry on with your workout or commute without worry. Similar products, like a handle-bar phone holder, keep your phone accessible while you ride, so you can stay connected.

For serious cyclists, our 4-in-1 bike bike accessory brings together a powerbank, headlight, horn and phone holder in one convenient, handle-bar mounted station. Designed to fit a wide variety of phone types and screen sizes, these accessories improve cycling safety while also making sure that your phone will stay charged.

Headphones and Headbands

Bringing your music or favorite podcast with you on your workout is easier than ever before. Whether you are someone who prefers a jog down a winding trail or grinding it out on the machines at your local gym, wireless headphones and headbands provide an affordable and portable listening solution.

Thanks to bluetooth technology, the wireless earbuds or over-the-ear style wireless headphones we carry seamlessly connect to your smartphone or tablet, which allows you to go on with your workout while listening to your favorite music without dealing with the distractions, notifications and alerts that come with having a screen in view.

If you find that headphones or earbuds pose an issue once you get sweaty, try a wireless headphone headband. They let you stay connected and keep sweat under control.

The Mcdodo Name

Since 2013, Mcdodo has been committed to provide our loyal customers with high-quality products. We stock charging solutions and phone accessories that answer the needs of your active lifestyle. We believe in getting the details just right, which is why our team carefully selects each product for its longevity and reliability.