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MCDODO Lightning Bolt

MCDODO Lightning Bolt

Sleek Design | Durable Materials | Faster Charge | Breathing Light | Longer and Stronger Cord | Stops Overcharging | Conserves Energy

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  • Protects From Overcharging

    We all have had those phones that we have left plugged in for too long while fully charged. Our charger Helps protect your battery for not only longevity but conviencence.

  • Supports 2.4A to speed up charge by 40%

    Isn't it a buzzkill to have to wait about 3 hours, on average, to fully charge your phone? Of course it is. Reduce that time by 40%, about an hour, with this cable and a 2.4A charger.

  • Soft Nylon braided for durability of the cable.

    Most cables will break due to pulling on the cord too hard or for too long, causing the plastic to tear. The nylon we use is the solution to that problem. Plus, it looks better.


How does it stop the phone from overcharging?

With the use of Smart IC patented technology, the charger is able to identify the charger is full. Its going to take about 30 minutes after it hits 100% for it to fully stop charging. That's when the battery is truly full.

Does it really charge faster?

Yes, it can. But In order for your phone to charger faster you would need a 2.4A wall charger.

What makes the charger so durable?

Made with High-end zinc alloy and nylon, the Mcdodo Lightning bolt has a 'pull and plug' lifetime of 10,000 which is 3 times longer than the normal charger.

Is the charger lit at all times?

When the charger is connected to the phone, the light will glow. However, when the charger is plugged into the outlet but not the phone, it will be lit at all times.

What does the 30-day money back guarantee cover?

As much as we believe in our product's premium quality, if there is any kind of defect with it, we will refund you or just send you a new one.

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