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Mcdodo is the only site you need to make sure your phone’s performance can keep up with your lifestyle. We carry a full range of smart charging cables for all the top phone brands, as well as iPhone chargers, Android chargers, and a number of wireless charging solutions and cell phone accessories.

Whether you are a cell phone power user who livestreams video content on location or someone who wants to have a back-up plan in case your electronic devices run out of power, Mcdodo has the right product for you!

Find a High-Performance Charging Cable for any Device

Modern cell phones, like the latest Apple iPhone or Android-powered device, need a smart charging cable to meet their phone battery needs. As phone features and functions have proliferated, the data and power demands simply won’t be met by an outdated charging cable.

Apple iPhone Chargers & Charging Cables

As Apple iPhone owners are all too aware, the charging cable is usually the first phone accessory that you will need to replace, so Mcdodo has put together a collection of the leading charging cables on the market. With these products, your charging cable will never let you down!

Mcdodo Auto-Disconnect 90 Degree Lightning Cables

Join the 200,000+ Apple iPhone users that have already made the switch to the Mcdodo Auto-Disconnect 90 Degree Lightning Charger™, our fastest, smartest and best-selling lightning cable charger!

USB-C Android Chargers & Charging Cables

Our collection of Android compatible chargers and cables include a variety of models to provide ample selection for Android users.

90 Degree Micro-USB Charging Cable

Our 90-degree micro-USB cables are designed to be plugged in at a right angle, making it easier for people to hold and use their device while it charges without damaging the wire. Using a sturdy, braided cable, this charging cable is designed for optimal compatibility and ease of use.

Wireless Phone Charging Solutions

After rigorously testing a wide variety of wireless car charger models, McDodo curated a collection of the best fast charging wireless charging products the market has to offer.

Home & Office

Our Qi-wireless enabled wireless charging pads are an aesthetically pleasing and functional addition to any home office that will keep your devices fully charged without cluttering your work space.

In the Car

Our wireless car charger products provide unbelievable wireless charging speed, along with the durability and high-quality construction that has become synonymous with the Mcdodo name. Some of the models in our collection support Qi wireless charging to enable blazingly fast charging speeds.


We carry sleek and powerful powerbanks to meet your on-the-go charging needs. Whether you are looking for a power bank to have as an emergency backup or if power banks are essential to your remote work situation, we carry a portable charging solution with the specifications you are looking for.

Any powerbank is only as strong as the charger battery it contains, which is why we carry models with capacities up to 99,000 mAh, so you can charge even the most power-hungry devices multiple times throughout the day without having to worry.


Mcdodo offers superior cell phone accessories that are user-friendly to make your life easier.

Wireless Headphones & Speakers

Listen to your music wherever you want! McDodo’s wireless headphones and speakers give you ultimate listening freedom.

Wall Plugs & Adapters

When you want a smooth and quick charge, devices, like your phone, take forever if you use a regular charger. What should every technology lover have at all times? A Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger!

McDodo - A Name You Can Trust

Since 2013, we've been committed to provide our loyal customers with high-quality electronic products, ranging from the best wireless car charger solutions to phone chargers, power banks and more.

We provide the phone accessories that respond to the needs of your lifestyle. We believe in getting the details just right! Shop among the best Mcdodo has to offer, and charge your phone with confidence.

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